Senior Prophecies


Here is what we (10 years ago) said we'd be doing now.  Were you and your friends right?



Amber Aanerud will work at Sweet Factory forever.


Lucas Abernathy will be a Rock Star.

Shanan Abraham will be happy and successful.
Shanty Abraham will be remembered for her kind, warm, compassionate and friendly attitude.
Ho Ahn will own Pizza Patron, be an Asian body builder and have his own fashion line.
Sawson Albanna will own her own Chia Pet factory and a Car Wash.
Carissa Allen will be the most famous beautician in the world. (self)
Shelly Andres will need a miracle ear by the time she is 20.
Christ Ankrum will successfully graduate from college, go into the Air Force, have an outstanding career in computers and have a wonderful wife and outstanding children. (self)
Festus Ankrum Jr. will be in the field he chooses and probably playing professional football. He will also be helpful in the community he lives in. (self)
Paige Arrington will be married right out of high school, become a third grade teacher and have three kids.
Sara Arrington will marry Ryan and have children. They will be successful and happy.
Basil Aweida will be a professional photographer.
Nour Aweida will run for political office.
Jason Baguio will be a famous model traveling the world.
Jennifer Barbour will live in Pleasant Grove with her husband, Patrick, work at Celebration Station and have 3 kids.
Christie Barlow will have 5 kids by our 5-year reunion and 3 grandkids by our 10-year reunion.
Candace Barnes will be a rich, famous actress married to a superstar.
Jason Barr will be rich and famous.
Jason Bartle will become a preacher, since all he does is preach about what we need to be doing.
Amelia Beason will become a rich young woman who devotes her time and money to needy children. She will be the next Mother Teresa.
Melissa Beck will be happy and successful.
Elizabeth Bettingfield will live somewhere in the Northwest with Tommy, offending even more people with her opinionated mind. (self)
Breanna Beheler will set cross-country records.
Corky Bellanger will marry Jenny Turner. They will be married and divorced 6 times before our 10-year reunion.
Adam Belk will be an engineer.
Adam Bettevy will extend his car collection to its fullest possible potential. He will put tires on his Jeep that are almost as big as his head. (self)
Matt Bingham will be the biggest Rock-n-Roll star ever. (self)
Jeremy Blackburn will be wealthy no matter what he does and will have a beautiful family. (self)
Ricky Blackerby will write the new Ebonics Dictionary.
Corey Blow will marry Niki Taylor and be on the cover of GQ.
Jennifer Bollier will still be running over things that break her car.
Jason Bowie will become a band director. (self) And he is, by the way!
Kesha Boyd will enter the G.L.O.W. with Brandi Moulder as the tag team BBW.
Steven Boyd will be a doctor.
Angela Bradford will become a marine biologist and own beachfront property with her committed husband, Brett Wooten. She’ll take people out to do research and to swim with the dolphins off her yacht. (self)
Marcus Briggs will become a successful businessman.
Todd Broughton will never keep his car out of the shop.
Jason Brunk will be very successful.
Amy Bueltel will go to college and marry Jim Ford. They will be rich, live in a Country Club and travel everywhere. (self)
Melissa Bustos will backpack through Europe.
John Paul Caballero will become the first Hispanic Pope.
Maxwell Campbell will be very rich.
Mike Campbell will be a mad scientist from whom the world will be in fear for their lives.
Ashley Carpenter will work for Adidas making clothes and shoes.
John Carpenter will be a successful designer.
Cindi Carranco will go to college for 4 years and then marry a guy names Christopher. They will live in New York. One day while shopping at Macy’s, she will run into Dana Nath and they will decide to make their own talk show. (self)
Tara Castoe will be an American Gladiator.
Julie Chacko will be a famous magazine editor.
Brandon Chambers will have a successful career, a nice home and a great family. (self)
Eric Chapman’s lips will fall off.
Patricia Chapman will open a counseling service and get on the radio counseling the masses.
Ashley Chappell, already a fine musician, will one day become a professional musician and a teacher of music.
Girly Chea will marry an Indian guy and wear cute business outfits while she runs her own business.
Callie Christian will make lots of money and be the ultimate clubbing girl.
Jason Coffey will be living in the Big Apple, playing the role of Angel on Broadway and publishing a very generous review of his own performance in the NYTimes.
Jayne Collela will live under the sun in California with her third husband and have a countless number of kids.
Paul Coleman will become a Super Marine able to beat all the other super heroes.
Jazzmon Collins will be a professional yodeler.
Christopher Comstock-Henry will hold seminars on being nice for life.
Brandon Condor will win the Indy 500.
Kevin Conoly will win an award for heroism.
Chad Cornstubble will have really quit!
Katy Cowdrey will be on Saturday Night Live, hosting it and making people happy.
Bridgette Crawford will work as a prison guard.
Kristen Crawford will marry the man of her dreams, become a great pediatric nurse and have two children. (self)
Stephen Crim will be living in a van down by the river. (self)
Amber Crowell will be the first astronaut to make contact with extraterrestrial life. (self)
Michael Cruz will become a rich bum living off his parents’ wealth.
Gus Dahlberg will be a European basketball player.
Judy David will marry a fine veterinarian and open up an animal clinic with him. She will live in a well-decorated house by a lake. (self)
Jason Davis will become a successful homebuilder and will be known for his assertiveness on the job site and his understanding and caring in meetings. (self)
Trimisa Davis will do the impossible and live the miracle. “May all that doubted me watch my star rise.” She will be the first to find Tupac. (self)
Kevin Dennis will stay the same height at 5’9” and try out for a pro basketball team.
Vijay Dharmarajan will be a Pediatrician.
Eric Dickerman will be successful at anything he does.
Tania Dickerman will live a life surrendered to God; a life in relentless pursuit of the things that are His. (self)
Lacie Dilday will marry a football player since everyone thinks that’s all she dates.
Randa Dobbs will be playing in the WNBA with Leslie. As a part time job, she will be the mascot for TCU.
Jason Donahoe will be a famous pool player.
Steffanie Duell will go to TCU for college and Northwestern for graduate school. She will marry Erik Grady and they will have two children and live in Washington D.C.
Andrew Dugan will become a fireman.
Melinda Duke will be in the Guinness Book or World Records for being the smartest person in the world.
Tony Echard will buy stock in the Beanie Baby Company and make millions. Eventually he will create a Tony Beanie Baby complete with Afro.
Amy Eddings will be the fashion editor of Vogue Magazine with her own clothing line. (self)
Nancy Elmahdy will be married with children in 10 years. She will have earned her masters degree and have sweet success with Denare as her business partner. She will be chief legal counsel for their empire. She might even run for office! (self)
Paolo Enero will win an Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Robert Enfield will be a top telemarketer.
Chad Ezzell will be rich and famous.
Bronwyn Fancher will represent our country in the Air Force.
Amber Fazel will grow up to love her son, Dakota Lane, more and more with every day that passes, and make the best of each obstacle that comes her way. (self)
Jeanetta Fields will live in California. (self)
Stacy Fitzgerald will co-own CC Carpet Company with her brother Josh. She will be single and visit her mother every day to tell her all the latest gossip. At her work, she will probably be voted Miss CC Carpet.
Gabrielle Fluent will star in GI Jane 2.
Jim Ford will marry Amy Bueltel and be a crooked cop in Idaho.
Stephanie Fosholdt will find not just Mr. Right, but Mr. Wonderful.
Justin Frasier will be Chief of Police in Cisco, TX.
Melissa Frater will play softball and be the ultimate clubbing girl with Callie. (self)
Kevin Frier will work on trucks.
Demarco Frost will be famous in some form or fashion but promised to stay humble. (self)
Demario Frost will be the next Kirk Franklin and have his choir sing with Boyz II Men at his fashion show. (self)
Doug Fudge will become a famous model living life to the fullest in California, maintaining his open mind and wonderful sense of humor forever.
Shawn Gadd will become a soccer coach.
Jennifer Galek will be rich and famous.
Amanda Gallagher will graduate and have a great wedding. She and Curtis will live happily ever after and work at her restaurant.
Sean Gallegos will be a well known soccer player and golfer.
Andy Garcia will attend Bible College and will become a missionary evangelist, preaching the Gospel to the entire world for God’s glory and honor. Praise the Lord! (self)
Erika Garcia will major in Business and have her own company, travel a lot and have only one kid! (self)
Glizeth Garcia will become rich at age 21 when her 70-year old husband dies.
Joshua Garcia will move to Mexico and open a Comp USA.
Katrina Garcia will spend her days trying to remember her children’s names and bothering her best friend, Kylee Gray.
Kris Garcia will be a professional soccer player and have six or seven kids.
Justin Garret will be one of the nation’s top lawyers, wear very nice suits, drive a BMW, and have a wife and two kids. He will still be using the word “shaz.”
Amanda Gonzalez will be rich and famous.
Ben Gould will hang upside down outside a woman’s dorm by a bungee cord and yell things.
Ryan Grady will oversleep every day in college eventually sleeping his life away.
Kyle Grady will be in the first round pick to the NFL and marry Lezlie Mitchell. When he can’t play anymore, he will become a high school football coach and win the state championship every year.
Melanie Graves will still be asking Julie if she is doing her economics graph right.
Kylee Gray will be teaching bratty little kids with snotty noses and dirty hands how to add two plus two, while her husband sits at home and watches television all day.
Stephanie Green will have a very successful business.
Carron Greene will spend the rest of her life in some form of school. (self)
Adam Guardado will be the CEO of KFC.
Carlos Guerra will go to Eastfield and eventually go to a bigger college. He will have a very fast car and a good paying job.
Kristine Guimapang will be a Baylor Bear. She will master everything she attempts and be the best of friends with Jan La. We will both learn from one another and our experiences will add to our wisdom.
LaToya Guinn will become a rich, successful doctor. She will have three children and be married to Terence Graham, a successful lawyer. (self) (She is a doctor now!)
Eric Gutierrez will marry Brittany Crow.
Chasity Guyton will marry Dustin, be a professional wife, mom and PTA President. She will be the next Martha Stewart! (self)
Christopher Hagad will be a famous Science Fiction writer.
John Hanson will going his namesake band and be adored by twelve year olds everywhere.
Roger Harris will drive a purple eighteen wheeler.
Mitchell Harrison will open up a people and pets clinic where he will operate on pets and their owners.
Kellye Haynes will be frantically chasing tornadoes up in Oklahoma, while her husband desperately tried to find her.
Dara Hendon will be on the Olympic soccer team.
Jana Henrey will be rich and famous.
Patrick Henry will be a doctor.
Cassandra Henson will be an Assistant Principal in charge of attendance.
Nicole Herod will play the saxophone in a night club.
Esau Herrera will be a featherweight boxer known for his speed in the ring.
Robbie Hicks will have a blast at Texas Tech and make up for all those times!
Alexis Hill will end up playing for the WNBA, get married to her one and only love, and have four lovely children.
Tiffany Hines will be a famous singer on a worldwide stage or a humble singer who will be satisfied wherever God leads her.
Sarah Holland will become a rich physical therapist that helps famous sports symbols.
Jamilla Hollomon will argue her way to the top of the computer industry and become the next World Dominator.
Jonathan Hons will become the next Mr. Bean.
Andrea Hooper will go to A&M and be a business major.
David Horton will be a successful businessman.
Tessa Howington will be an attorney.
David Huerta will be an engineer.
Sarah Hutchens will be raising her beautiful girl and enjoying every minute of it!
Michael Hutchins will succeed in the ministry because he is a strong Christian.
Khantima Iamaromana will open her own restaurant.
Amanda Isaminger will become a writer and illustrator for romance novels.
Michelle Isbel will fall in love with an entire orphanage and end up running it.
Jason Jacob will be successful in whatever field that he chooses. He will be happily married with two kids. His wife will be absolutely beautiful and he will make a lot of money. (self)
Carl James will earn Business and Computer degrees. He will own his own business, have a beautiful wife, two kids and win the lottery by the time he’s 30 or he will still be in college trying to figure out what to do with his life. (self)
Charis James will go to college and learn how to be one of the best nurses. Her efforts will take her far in all she attempts to accomplish.
April Jennings will be a neonatal nurse, have a huge family and a wonderful husband.
Deepa John will be a professional Indian dancer.
Sandhya John will be a successful and prominent Pharmacist married to a handsome, Christian, Indian boy. Her laughter and radian smile will always bring warmth to others. She will always carry a positive attitude.
Ashley Johnson will be living it up in a house on the beach with money, cars and superstars. She will always keep it real.
Christopher J. Johnson will be a success story because of his natural charm and humility.
Christopher M. Johnson will be successful at anything he does.
Jonathan Johnson will be rich and famous.
Kelley Johnson will sing in a Gospel group on tour around the country.
Moriah Johnson will be a Pediatrician.
Kelly Jones will have a child who becomes the new voice for Elmo.
Tomica Jones will marry Mario Warren and have two children and will forever be confused.
Sarah Jordan will win various belching contests around the world since she will be the sponsor for Cherry Coke.
Ryan Judd will be the next Broadway actor and travel all over the world sharing his charming, yet sarcastic humor with everyone he meets.
Kent Justice will graduate from West Point and make an outstanding officer and soldier.
Cheri Keenan will be a teacher and marry the perfect man. She will always be happy and have fun. (self)
Crystal Kelley will live on a Marine base and own a prom dress store. Her little brother will visit her every day and still call her sissy. He will driver her husband crazy.
Ryan Kelly will be very successful in business.
Kyle Kemp will be a flirtatious soccer player.
Nichole Kennerud will become famous. She will get married to a famous baseball player. They will have a big house and lots of kids in Seattle, WA where she will die an old woman in her bed. (self)
Kelly Kerby will have some life and death experiences causing her to be the next Billy Graham. She will be the first woman Navy Seal.
Michael Keylon will be living in a mansion in Plano with his wife Jenny Anderson, watching people clean his house while he tries to break his pizza eating record.
John Ko will be a mime in Central Park, NY.
Kelly Koch will be manager of a record label for local bands.
Tonya Komah will go to Texas A&M Commerce, earn a secretarial degree, become an executive secretary in a law firm and marry a handsome, rich Christian. They will live in a gorgeous house and raise two kids. (self)
Kristi Kowalski will get married to her high school sweetheart Sheriff Rizkalla after she graduates from college. Then she’ll open her own interior design firm that services the stars. (self)
Kyle Kvalheim always a nice guy, will dislocate his other knee.
Jan La will be the next Dr. Jekyll.
Melanie Lang will become a teacher.
John Langan will star in the next remake of the Invisible Man.
Christina LaPoint will become the next Oprah Winfrey with her own talk show, Christina Live. She will marry LL Cool J after he divorces his first wife. They will have two beautiful kids and live in eternal bliss. (self)
Eddie Larsen will marry a beautiful girl that is crazy about him, be very successful at anything he does and well loved by his children and all who know him.
Arron Lawhorn will be a lone guitar player on the open road waiting for the right Volkswagen Microbus to come along.
Chris Lawless will go to Baylor University, major in business, have a family and a steady job. (self)
Elizabeth Le will finally meet the man of her dreams, get the BMW she always wanted and in ten years will still have that crazy laugh.
Luc Le will work hard and be a phenomenal success story.
Aaron Leatherwood will be in the Marines and then go to Texas A&M. He will become and architect, marry a good, Christian woman and have 2.5 kids. (self)
Ryan Littwin will be a dentist and still the cheapest man alive.
Shannon Lively will travel the world.
Kathleen Llauder will be an architect.
Jeannette Lofino will finally have John propose to her after graduation. She will live off John’s fortune and shop all day.
Veronica Lommel will hit her growth spurt and end up being 7 ft. tall. (self)
Brent Lough will marry a doctor who will work while he sits at home and watches television. (self)
Jennifer Maas will be the owner of Outback Steakhouse with a club attached.
Casey Mack will be a corrupt President.
Michael Makary will be a very happy Olympic swimmer.
Frank Mascaritola will take Jemarl’s kids to Dunford to play basketball.
Leena Mathew will marry a rich doctor and spend the rest of her life traveling around the world while her kids are in boarding school.
Neena Mathew will end up finding the thug she has always wanted. She’ll finally get to ride in the backseat of a scooter as planned.
Denare Mayo (Carter) will take over the hotel business and keep expanding until he takes over the world.
Jennifer Mayuyu will marry a rich guy.
Koko McDonald will own his own dance club and show everyone all the moves.
Geoffrey McDowell will play tuba at Texas A&M Commerce.
Robert McEwan will become a successful lawyer and win some big cases. He will be very wealthy. (He is a lawyer now!)
Jason McFarlin will protect and serve as a police officer. (self)
Kimberly McGee will become the best doctor and live life well.
Erin McGowan will graduate from college. (self)
Misty McKay will be a veterinarian.
Amanda McKee will be rich and famous.
David McMahan will be successful until the day he spontaneously combusts.
William Merriman will be an attorney.
Amy Miller will arrive late to her own wedding, forget to send her kids off to school but never miss an episode of Jerry Springer.
Lezlie Mitchell will teach dance class for a living and marry Kyle Grady. She will also have two beautiful children. (self)
Shera Moffitt will marry Jason Kidd and become the mother of five girls. She’s going to open up a club called Shaky’s Place in Oak Cliff.
Beth Monaco will be in college studying to get her teaching degree.
Jessica Montgomery will marry Ryan.
Christopher Moore will work hard and be very successful.
Chad Moore will be a bachelor and live in Amsterdam next door to Terrance Smith. (self)
Julie Moreno will have a successful career that is fun and precise. It will be fast but happy. Her future will be the way she wants it.
Gerald Morgan will become the first pro football player ever to have graduated from PHS and receive a Doctorate degree from Notre Dame.
Regan Morgan will live with Shelly in a huge mansion with male servants. She will get married to a great guy and have one child. (self)
Kerry Morris will conspire with Chris Hagad to take over the world.
Michael Murr will still be showing up late for class.
Steven Napier will become a car mechanic and live as a bachelor for most of his life.
Dana Nath will marry her fiancé, Eric Anderly, two years after graduation. They will become millionaires because of his architecture business and she will never work a day in her life. (self)
Mike Nelson will be one of the best actors on a soap opera.
Nicole Nelson will be a successful doctor.
Amanda Newman will be the next Ms. Budenosky.
Amie Nguyen will grow up to be a successful doctor and have a lot of money.
Dao Nguyen will be forever changing and developing yet always and forever attached to his roots. He will die knowing he touched the lives of many people. (self)
Sophia Nguyen will finally learn how to drive.
Kevin Norris will be the next Karate Kid.
Bobby Oomen will be a Mechanical Engineer.
Glynis Orr will apply her degree in Radiology to the cattle business creating bigger cows that produce larger steaks.
Elizabeth Osborn will graduate with honors from UNT and join a chick band with her best friend Trina. They will become rich and famous and live happily ever after dating gorgeous guy after gorgeous guy.
Shellie Ouldhouse will move to Hollywood and marry the intellectual Brandon Frasier. (self)
Baron Oursler will talk his way to supreme power, becoming ruler of the world. He will rely heavily on Mr. Abernathy for advice on how to have fun.
Elieen Paclibon will be a famous poet and win a non-stop talker award.
Sok Pan will be the next Billy Graham.
Jayme Parker will play softball.
Janice Para will get a Doctorate degree and then marry Ruel.
Christopher Perez will have ten million cats named Tinker.
Missie Peres will become the secretary for the President of the United States and the owner and founder of the HCPA, Height Challenged People of America, specializing in platform shoes, taller chairs and lower shelves.
Robina Philipose will live a normal life, marry a normal guy and get a good paying job in the medical field. (self)
Jason Phillips will be a car mechanic.
Amber Pipins will be in a pediatric department keeping our future alive. (self)
Alicia Pippin will attend Texas A&M Commerce, earn a degree in Elementary Education and marry a rich, handsome man.
Dennis Polk will walk the Earth irritating people.
LaToya Pool will be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest fingernails.
Erin Powitzsky will attend Texas Tech looking for her true love and remembering the Port O’Connor Days.
Tiffany Poye will marry the man of her dreams.
Sunita Prasannan will be a commercial artist and rapper.
Paula Proffer will be a successful interpreter.
Robert Pulliam will make millions in the stock market.
Jason Quiroga will be a well-known poet or writer and will become very wealthy.
Kari Quiver will become a psychic.
Joe Rawlins will be a big doctor with lots of money and a family.
Iran Reyes will become pen pals with a man in prison, fall in love with him and move to California and marry him. (self)
Jason Reynolds will become a millionaire.
Stephanie Reynolds will be a singing belly dancer.
Christina Rivera will be rich and famous.
Kelly Roarke will take some time to find who she really is then take hold of her life and plunge forward.
Carrie Robison will attend Texas A&M Commerce, marry Sean Yarborough, then start teaching color guard all around the country. When her triplets grow up, they will be on the Poteet Flag Corps.
Monica Rodriguez will help the homeless on the streets of Austin. She will also live in a studio apartment and marry the landlord. They will be the next Fred and Ethel Mertz.
Jeffrey Rogers will change his name to Fred and have a very successful television show.
Philip Rogers will become the most successful person in our class.
Crystal Rollins will marry Beau Woodlee.
Marc Rose will be successful in whatever career he chooses because he is a strong person and never quits.
Reagan Saldana will become the most successful and sought after sports agent ever. (self)
Christina Salinas will one day marry a band director and become a first grade teacher. (self)
Jessica Salter will be kicked out of med school for killing the lab crickets and end up teaching at Southwest Texas State.
Nicholas Sanchez will be a famous break-dancer.
Rikki Sanders will weigh 75 lbs because she lives on Jell-O, applesauce and milkshakes. She will be employed at a dentist’s office and married to Stephen.
Scott Sasser will be a chemical engineer.
Amanda Schroeder will be in the cosmetology business. (self)
Patricia Scruggs will marry Matt Painter and own a local gas station.
Lisa Self will marry a rich guy and never have to work a day in her life.
Lauren Silk will become the first woman President of the United States and marry John F. Kenney, Jr.
David Simmons will be a Navy Seal.
Justin Simpson will have a great dorm room and have as much fun as possible.
Brandi Smith will write for a magazine, marry Jon, run around and around the track and eat the outside of her food first.
Cathy Smith will be a nurse that works with children with cancer. (self)
James Smith will play pro-ball, be a model or be a dentist. KoKo, Howard and he will still be best friends. (self)
Jemarl Smith will be a guest on the Jerry Springer show.
Shaun Smith will be an electrical engineer.
Stefanie Smith will be married in 5 years with her first kid on the way and working as the personal manager for Boyz II Men. (self)
Taylor Smith will be a football coach and marry Jenny.
Terrance Smith will be married to Carrie Bell and live in Amsterdam.
Jesse Sosa will become a successful animator and own his own country. He will be revered as a King by many. (self)
Shani Spencer will open her own line of fashion. A couple of years later she’ll retire and marry a rich man, Sam Yusef.
Amy Sta. Maria will be a doctor working in Pathology. She’ll be making tons of money and blowing it on designer clothes and clubbing. And she’ll still be driving Doug Fudge around everywhere in her Porsche. (self)
Tawanna Stanley will live in Alaska.
Jana Stephens will be a lawyer and happily married with two kids. At the same time, she’ll be a model. (self)
Brandon Stoghill will have at least 50 jobs by the time he’s 25 and still have no car.
Annette Stokes will be happy.
Royce Sunny will be a successful computer programmer and married by 24.
Nathan Sutton will grow up to be a wealthy man with a kind heart and will buy his friend, Carlos anything he wants.
Kendra Swann will travel the U.S. with RD and LB to basketball tournaments.
Shelly Sweeney will go to college, be very successful in music education, conduct and direct bands and be a super model on the side.
Brandy Swinney will be a dancer in rock videos on MTV.
Bea Tal Placido will be very happy. (self) (she is)
Ashley Talkington will be very happy.
Bernh Talpacido will become a great singer and actress. She will live a happy life and have everything she could ever want.
Joshua Taylor will graduate from UT and become a world renowned chemist.
Robert Taylor will become a jockey and win the Kentucky Derby.
Stephanie Taylor will go to college and become a successful surgeon. She will marry Matthew Perry and live in LA. (self)
Shawn Terry will become a great artist and teach art. Above all, he will glorify God in whatever he does. (self)
Darleya Thomas will become an optometrist and have her own business. She will enjoy her life and live without regrets. She will also marry the man of her dreams. (Self)
Derrick Thomas will be a professional track athlete, an architect and own his own business. (self)
Cade Thompson will be the host for the Academy Awards when Billy Crystal retires.
Nathan Tisdale will be a successful businessman. (self)
Michael Trotter will be the next Bill Gates.
Samantha Truman will become a powerful business leader and yell at everyone who cuts her off in the lunch line.
Jenny Turner will marry rich, never forget her high school love, drive a corvette and be a PTA mom. (self)
Brie Tyler will be married to Gilbert Herrera and have eleven kids.
Shay Vance will become a Senior English or Government teacher and hold classes at Denny’s every morning after attending only 10 days the entire year.
Jennifer Vanlandingham will be rich and still cheering. (self)
Ashli VanWinkle will never be heard of again when she is sucked into her computer after a severe lightening storm. However, every year or so, her compuer will print up an original Askli VanWinkle mystery novel. 
Howard Verdell will start at a Junior College in football, but come 2002, he will be in the NFL.
Amit Vij will work hard, become a fabulous success and marry a beautiful girl.
Amy Villasenor will have three kids.&nbs