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03/13/08 07:43 PM #1    

Jennifer Galek

Welcome to the Ralph H Poteet High School Class Of 1998 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/17/08 11:16 AM #2    

Amber Fazel (George)

Hope everyone's doing great! Can't wait to see all of you!!


03/18/08 01:39 PM #3    

Stephanie Green (Colwell)


03/18/08 04:53 PM #4    

Latoya Guinn (Keglovits)

I'm so glad that I was contacted about this website. I can't wait to see everyone at the reunion and, I can't believe it's been 10 years!

03/21/08 07:35 PM #5    

Alexis Hill

HELLO AGAIN!!!! I can't wait to see everyone again:) Hope all is well with everyone!

03/24/08 02:32 AM #6    

Jason Bowie

wow, yeah for some reason this makes me suddenly feel really old. lol
It'll be great to see everyone again, though!

04/16/08 08:49 AM #7    

Michael Keylon

wanted to say hi and hope everyone is livin good. can't wait to see ya.

04/17/08 09:35 AM #8    

Michael Keylon

for all of you that still live in dallas area or are back in town contact me at and come by Wish Ultralounge. just let me know that you're coming by on a friday or saturday and i'll put your name on the vip list so you don't have to wait in line and your first drink is on me.

04/20/08 12:54 AM #9    

Tracie Perzo (Etheridge)

Hey everyone!! I am definately excited and cant wait to see you all at the reunion...I cant believe its been 10 years ALREADY!!! BTW>>>anyone who it bored,,em me at or check out my myspace..(not sure what the link is but you can look it up by my name) See you all soon!

04/22/08 11:13 PM #10    

Crystal Rollins

Ok y'all... I know I was a total snooze in high school- mainly because I didn't drink and I was up Beau's butt... But I can hang now :) !!!!!!! (I got knocked up with the best of y'all- that should count for something's terrible) Anyway, if I catch any of y'all partying without me again I'm gonna have my feelings hurt. Love ya.

05/09/08 03:29 PM #11    

Denare Mayo (Carter)

Is it just me, or does no one else remember the front of the school looking like that when we were there?

05/14/08 07:49 PM #12    

Andy Williams

I hope all is well! Look forward to seeing everyone again.

05/14/08 08:50 PM #13    

Joshua Taylor

Jeff Rogers 1979 - 2007

07/02/08 08:43 AM #14    

Jeanetta Fields

Hi everyone can't wait to see my old friends.

07/09/08 04:59 PM #15    

Tracie Perzo (Etheridge)

Hello Again...
Who all is going to the reunion??

07/23/08 08:45 AM #16    

Michael Keylon

good job on the music player. (hmmm memories)

08/09/08 02:29 AM #17    

Steven Napier

Hey y'all; I'm sorry, but I wont be able to attend either one of the reunions this go around... I do plan on going to a few football games this season (Homecoming, and West Mesquite); it's been great catchen up with most of you; could stand to talk to the rest (if you'd like), but anywho; I'll see y'all around, I keep checken on here about once a week (that's what worken nights does), It's weird that when your home growing up, you cant wait to leave, but when you're gone; you can't wait to get back; I wonder what all you have been ponderen since we've all grown and most have had lil ones of our own, scary huh?!

09/04/08 12:48 AM #18    

Michael Campbell

Anyone going to be at the Homecoming Game/Activities? This will be my first year ever to attend.


09/05/08 02:46 AM #19    

Steven Napier

Homecoming 4th game of the season on 9/26 (Friday) vs. Forney @ Mesquite Memorial @ 7:30 pm, 6th game of the season on 10/10 (Friday) vs. West Mesquite (might be visitor) @ Mesquite Memorial @ 7:30 pm; hopefully that'll answer any questions; see y'all there...

09/07/08 12:38 PM #20    

Lezlie Mitchell (Back)

What a great reunion last night!! Thanks Jeni and class officers!

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